Walking the Walk Report: Redeemer Block Party 2015

Last night was the 13th annual Redeemer Block Party: an end-of-summer celebration of all the ministries, programs, and partnerships we enjoy together.

Each year, over 600 people from the church, the Harrison neighborhood, North Minneapolis organizations, and partner congregations participate in the ministries and programs offered through the church and Redeemer Center for Life, and they’re invited to come celebrate at the block party. Young adults from Lutheran Volunteer Corps and youth interns wrap up their terms in service, and we welcome a new pastoral intern into our church community. It is a busy time of the year, marked with many transitions, and we find great joy in coming together as a community to eat, play, dance, eat, sing, and EAT together.

In his most recent “Faith Matters” church newsletter article, Pastor Kelly Chatman posed the questions, “What would the response be if we returned to our workplaces and suggested that they look and act more like the church? What would it look like if the protocols and procedures of faith more boldly and frequently showed up in the board room, the class room, and the office? How would the people in those meetings respond if they heard: “Well, the way we do it at our church is…”

What a beautiful reality– that our faith, lived out as acts and experiences of love can, will, and do make a profound impact!

May we all continue to ask these questions of ourselves, our communities, and our places of work, learning, and play.


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