Pain Amidst Joy: The Paradox of Ministry

masks-happy-sad-copyHere are two interesting articles that I just found through the Facebook timeline of a friend of mine, who recently left his pastoral call.

The first is entitled “Eleven Things You Might Not Understand About Your Minister“, and the second is titled “The Secret Pain of Pastors“.

I write about this today partially because it seems to be a common thread among many of my friends in ministry recently, and partially because I think it is really important for members of any congregation to be aware of: pastors are people. Ministers make mistakes. Nobody is more than human, and yet we all get to be loved.

Recently, while I was stressing out about a handful of work-related crises and projects and ordering curriculum and writing a sermon and finishing up the high school youth group trip, a person I love dearly reminded me to “be gentle with myself”. It was a message I needed to hear in that moment, and must remember every day.

There is something/someone to be grateful for every day!

Be gentle with yourselves. Be gentle with others. You are loved.

Best of luck, and be good to other humans.


One thought on “Pain Amidst Joy: The Paradox of Ministry

  1. Thanks for this post. I know it’s easy to start wondering about your own ministry when someone leaves theirs. On behalf of the kids you work for, thank you for the sacrifices you make for them, and also the grace you give yourself.
    -Peter from the Bridge

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