There IS a right side of history to be on re: the MN Marriage Amendment

I remember my classroom vote in ’92. I voted for Clinton, and watched him win the count that night, laying on the living room floor as my Grandpa Wally babysat my sister and me. I was unknowingly proud to have voted for the right candidate.

I voted for Obama in ’08, and while dancing wildly to the music of Bob Dylan at Northrup Auditorium, Dylan announced Obama’s historic win before playing “The Times They Are A-Changin'”. The entire audience joined a massive drum circle and dance in Northrup Mall at the University of Minnesota immediately after the show. It was one of the most unforgettable nights of my life.

Tonight, I’m grateful for our right to vote. Especially now, when here in Minnesota, we make a decision Americans have had to make many times before: do we vote to symbolically and potentially *actually* strip rights from a certain population of Minnesotans?

I sincerely hope that weeks and years down the line, you can look back and nostalgically remember the day you voted “NO” on the marriage amendment; the day you did the right thing; the day you acted in love, not discomfort and hatred and misinformation and incredible abuse of power.

Best of luck. Be good to other humans.



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