Let’s prove ourselves wrong, shall we?

Look, everybody. Some of my family and friends are blindly Republicans, and some of my family and friends are blindly Democrats.

I get it. We all like to be on a team. Especially on the winning team. But for the love of humanity, God, and self, do me a favor:

Before you start talking up a candidate– and more importantly, before you criticize the candidate you’ve decided to hate– at least be informed about what you’re saying.Get your facts from [real] journalists and [real] reporters. From journals. From scientific studies. From free and independent media sources.Pretty much 100% of what you’re going to get on cable news not only tells a fraction of the story, but they often make up facts that are convenient for a story. Follow the money— the money in media, the money in campaigns, and the money in these supposed “grassroots movements” you’ve heard all about.

And if you’re going to be telling us all about who you’re voting for or why not to vote for somebody else, I will ask you why. And I will expect that you understand why. And sometimes, I will ask for you to back up a claim with real facts, and will expect for you to provide me with them.

Why? Because you got on my news feed and therefore in my face, and I will return the favor.

PLEASE, just don’t be a sloppy partisan hack for or against any candidate– Democrats, Republicans, or Ron Paul people. Let’s at least attempt to be the informed citizenry our founding fathers ACTUALLY asked us to be.

It’s not an easy thing to do, but each and every one of you is capable. If you haven’t heard it in a while, let me be the first to affirm that you indeed are capable of meaningful research (and therefore meaningful opinions). You are not as simple-minded as the “news” has made you. You are free to create your OWN opinions, as long as you use the REAL facts– isn’t this great news??

Stay safe, and be good to each other.

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