My Conversation with Dan Gainor of MRC and FOX

Download the .pdf file (image set) here

This is an argument I had via Twitter with Dan Gainor that began as a criticism of his vast conspiratorial ideas based on the idea that American progressives, the educational system, Google, the Social Security Administration; positions I believe belong to a privileged and greedy group of people.

You name the organization, he’ll come up with a “the lefties are trying to take over our minds using [organization/person/administration]!!!” conspiracy.

Just as a bit of background info: Gainor is the VP of Business and Culture at Media Research Center– an organization “whose mission is to educate the public and media on bias in the media.

In essence, the MRC is a conservative “think tank” dedicated to identifying and exposing a conspiratorial liberal bias in the media, even if/when it just isn’t there.. In practice, they have been teaching far-right conservative media (FOX, Rush, etc) the art of two practices: 1) Using selective content to support their agenda, and 2) Using logical fallacy to confuse, misinform, and change the state of discourse in the media.

Having studied communication, rhetorical studies and logical fallacy throughout my education, I have a real issue with what Mr. Gainor, the MRC, and news media (of any political orientation) are doing. Journalist Brian Montopoli of Columbia Journalism Review wrote that “false equivalence is at the very root of MRC’s beliefs.”

Last night, I decided to call out Dan Gainor– a man who is a master of misinformation; a person who threatens the middle-and-lower class by shifting the rhetoric of the political middle to the side and favor of corporations; a man who isn’t a part of the top 1%, but certainly advocates for them.



One thought on “My Conversation with Dan Gainor of MRC and FOX

  1. It seems this man has no real grasp on reality and yesterday he tried telling me my comments and citations to statistics about Planned Parenthood were “bogus”. However, when I asked him to cite his own statistics, he did the same thing to me offering an “article” from FOX which referenced the same report I had received my info from. Apparently, the report is “bogus” if I cite it but true if he cites it. Anyway, check out my blog post on my own conversation with Dan Gainor at my blog.

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