Permanent Fund Dividend.

Also known as the PFD. In Alaska this fall, each and every Alaskan citizen– from babies in diapers all the way up to seniors in diapers– will receive a check from the state government in the amount of $1,281. Each year, checks range between $600 and $1,500 generally.

You’re reading this correctly. Every citizen in the state gets paid to live here.

Not just those few Alaskans who support bailouts, a public option for health care and welfare. No– even the misinformed folks who march the streets with poorly-spelled words on signs, chanting about how our president is turning us into socialists/communists/fascists/(insert your own -ist).

This is the biggest “free money” program in the entire United States of America. I wonder what kind of violence would erupt if the state decided to put its monies more into education, health care and otherwise helping those in need in a real way. Curious. Curious indeed.

I don’t qualify this year, having not been up quite long enough. However I will preemptively say this: Cha-ching!!

Stay safe, and be good to each other.


One thought on “Permanent Fund Dividend.

  1. I know I’m coming to this post way late, but as the PFD’s have just come out again, I’m probably safe in bringing this up.
    I’ve brought up the conversation a few times about what life in Alaska would be like if the monies from the Permanent Fund would have been put into a universal health care fund for Alaskans.
    Definitely a lot less “hood rich” Alaskans, I would think.
    Unfortunately, we could never do that now. People are too attached to that money.

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