Sans Logic: Tea Party in Wasilla

This is not one of those moments in life when words are superfluous. This is one of those moments when words, logic and factual statements just don’t cut it because they’re not received. Or perhaps understood. Both?

I went to the Wasilla Tax Day Tea Party Rally. Partially out of curiosity, partially because the former governor of the state and former mayor of this town is one of the figure heads of the ‘movement’, but mostly to snap some pictures of the signs. They are 10% amusing, 50% inaccurate, and 100% horrifying.

Evidently facts can be made up and yet take on truth the more you repeat them. It’s true. They become true. The outlandish statements on some of the signs are always 100% true. Fair. Balanced. True. Believe it. It’s true.

Without further convincing, I present to you: a Tea Party. Wasilla style.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay safe, and be good to each other.


2 thoughts on “Sans Logic: Tea Party in Wasilla

  1. Haha you have a point there Ian; about how things that arent fact or true, become true when they are repeated.

    I like the signs slide show. Party like its 1776? Calling Obama a communist.. nice.

    Take care, there in Wasilla!

    Dana J Gabrielson

  2. It’s really upsetting when they compare Obama to Hitler. I’d be curious to hear a justification for that. How does economic stimulus and affordable health care compare to genocide?

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