there’s a monster in my back yard

the dogs barked noisily at an approaching visitor.

not seeing anybody immediately at the door, i opened it to step outside.

a 12 foot monster stood less than two body lengths from me.

heart pounding, i took a sharp breath and forced an exhale. it stomped, looked at me with a sideways glance, and blew an angry mouthful of air at the ground.

i stepped back inside, remembering a piece of advice I once received: “stay the hell out of the way of a moose”.

a good idea. i’ll just snap a picture through the window.

“this,” i thought to myself with a grin, “this is alaska.”

Stay safe, and be good to each other.


2 thoughts on “there’s a monster in my back yard

  1. welcome home, looking forward to seeing you in an hour or so and again at the gathering early next week. The moose is one of God’s least attractive critters – and, you’ve been counseled correctly – stay out of their space – they can ACT ugly too.
    Enjoy hearing about your life and times in Wasilla.
    grampa paul

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