Riley Avenue, 9:15 a.m.

A gorgeous street after a fantastic snowfallI couldn’t help but pull over to take a quick shot of Riley Avenue this morning as the sun started to make an impact on the sky. After feeding and letting out the dog I’m taking care of this week, I was headed to Pandemonium Booksellers and Cafe (one of my new favorite spots) for a delicious drip coffee– black, no cream.

When I turned out on to Riley Avenue, this view became immediately visible, and it just about put me in a trance. Unfortunately my cell phone camera isn’t that great, but the mountains in the background were gorgeous as well. I wish you could see them in this shot!

Either way, I wanted to be sure to post this. Not at all to rub in your faces the fact that I have nice white winter snow already, and many of you don’t. Not at all to brag about the view I am fortunate enough to enjoy every single day, and you can’t. I posted this merely to make sure you have a sense of what the area looks like… this blog is to educate and inform, that’s it… 🙂


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